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Wikipedia information on the situation in ther Netherlands

This very comprehensive article sets out the procedures that need to be followed very clearly, and even refers to critics, such as those in the USA. The act passed into law on 1 April 2002. There is a special "euthanasiecommissie" which reports annually in some detail.

Life and euthanasia

The Dutch government website provides additional information.

Dying in Dignity UK

UK national campaign and membership organisation campaigning to legalise assisted dying, within upfront safeguards, for terminally ill, mentally competent adults.

Blog of Philip Broderick Willis

Philip has Astrocytoma, a type of Glioma – cancer arising from the brain’s glial cells  – and is a New Zealand-based supporter of EOLC.  

Blog of Dave Mullan

Dave is a Retired Presbyter of Methodist Church of New Zealand and supports EOLC.

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